Presentation :

I'm a 16 year old developper. I started to code in C++ but now I always code in Rust langage. I love coding robots to automate boring tasks. You can contact me for any question, even if you need help to code a competitor project.

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My Projects :

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Instagram bot

This is an instagram bot that you can use to get more visibility on instagram.

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Gleam bot

This is a gleam bot who is able to find a lot of gleam giveaways and in the future will be able to enter in it.

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Minecraft bot

This bot is not operational for now. Later he will be able to mine on minecraft servers and do other tasks like farming.

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Webdriver crate

This is a Rust library that allows you to get the full control of a browser without to have to worry about the interface between your program and the browser.

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ferris, rust mascot

WASM game

This project is at state of idea ! I would like to build a game in Rust that is using the power of Wasm on a browser.