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Gleam bot

This is a gleam bot who can find a lot of giveaways.

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This bot can get a lot of gleam giveaways.
Later, the bot will be able to enter these giveaways.
Everything will be automated and you will only have to check your email address.


The bot performs a google search to find every youtube video related to published last hour. Then he will explore these videos and get the links.
In the future, he will enter giveaways from the list.


There are between 500 and 1500 public giveaways running simultaneously on gleam. This number is decreasing.
The bot can find between 2 and 20 giveaways per hour. On average I think it is around 6.
There is around 10% of giveaways that are scams (never give a gift).

Getting the bot!